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Cape Town, 10 July 2017.  The Polystyrene Packaging Council (PSPC) was able to spread some much needed warmth and love this winter by participating in Smile 90.4 FM’s “Winter Wish” campaign.

According to Clive Ridgway, Smile 90.4FM programme director, the programme was designed to bring relief and comfort to those in need, with the help of citizens and organisations.

"When we planned the Smile 90.4FM 'Winter Wish' programme, we had no idea that this winter would be so severe. The much-needed first rains of the season came with the worst storms in decades. On top of that, we have the drought and declining economy. Those closest to the bread line were obviously the worst affected. The cumulative effect was that many 'Winter Wish' on-air moments carried more emotion and greater significance than we ever expected," Clive says.

The radio station received an influx of stories from people across the Western Cape and in the space of four weeks, 41 wishes were granted.  One of the listeners who’s lives was changed through the campaign was Norman Mayhew, an army veteran who was diagnosed with brain cancer and lost the use of his legs as a result.  His sister Naomi was looking after Norman and their mother, who was also diagnosed with a rare blood cancer.  Naomi was taking care of both of them, but could not afford a new wheelchair for Norman, which he desperately needed.

“When we heard about Smile 90.4 FM’s drive and Norman’s need for a wheelchair, we saw it as the ideal opportunity to get involved.  Thanks to one of our most passionate collectors of breadtags, DB Janse van Rensburg, a grade 11 pupil at Paul Roos Gymnasium, we had enough breadtags to purchase a brand new wheelchair for him,” Adri says.  The PSP also arranged with CE Mobility to pay Norman a visit in order to assess his needs and make sure that the right wheelchair was selected to meet his needs.

“We are grateful that we were able to use this project to touch yet another person’s life and to bring some much needed relief.  This year the Breadtags for Wheelchairs is celebrating its 10th year of service and we will be handing over more wheelchairs to recipients during a special celebratory high tea that will be taking place in August.  We wish to thank our committed and selfless team of collectors, coordinators and corporate sponsors such as SASKO and QuadPara who help to strengthen our arms and impact the communities around us,” Adri concludes.

For more information, visit www.polystyrenepackaging.co.za


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