We've developed the My Waste widget with our own unique recycler search function.

Add the My Waste widget to your site and help the visitors

to your website or blog find their nearest recycler!

Simply type in your address or click the "LOCATE ME"

button. Select the desired material and then click the blue

'SEARCH' button on our demo widget below to see how it



Please note that this widget is not for Corporate Use. 


Permission for use can be obtained




How do I add it to my site?


1. Copy the entire code below 
2. Add the code to your site or blogs source code.

<iframe src="" height="430" ></iframe>




For Corporates, Companies and Manufacturers this is a

simple and easy way to assist your customers to recycle your

products, and a easy way to start complying with your



We have created a custom widget that can fit seamlessly in to

your website.


The widget will have no reference to MY WASTE.


The CUSTOM WIDGET will have the following features 
  • Will have a advertising section on the widget for your Customers OR Suppliers to advertise on. It can be removed on request.


  • The materials streams will be activated according to your material used in your Company / Corporate packaging. We have a few CUSTOM WIDGET designs that will be designed according to your specific needs. This will depend on your space requirements and how you would like the WIDGET to display. To the right is a simple test sample for you to try.
    • Eg. If you only use Glass an Cans to package your product. Only the locations recycling Glass and Cans will be displayed.
    • For more information on this service, please send us a mail at