My Waste is not just for individual South Africans.

Companies, NGO’s, Corporations and Media outlets are also able to use the site both constructively and promotionally! 

Promotionally, My Waste offers many great advertising opportunities for companies and corporations who are truly representing greener living. Contact us today to find out more information on how we can help your company.

Corporations, Companies & Manufacturers






On the 8th of September 2014 MyWaste was endorsed by the Packaging SA. In addition to PACSA the

following organisations committed to endorse and support the MYWASTE concept and its relevant website.

MYWASTE was found to be extremely useful in that it directs the general public to their closest drop-off places and buy-back centers, thereby encouraging recycling. It also provides a point where collectors, emerging small businesses, recycling facilities, SMME’s and others involved in sustainability and waste management can register their services at no charge. 

MYWASTE has a particularly unique offering which adds tremendous value in assisting the general public and other interested parties in the cleaning up of our environment.


Hulamin also Endorsed MYWASTE in assisting in the Recycling of Aluminium throughout South Africa.





MYWASTE developed functionality that will assist Corporates, Companies and Manufacturers with the same functionality as that of MYWASTE on their own website. Fitting in seamlessly  to their Corporate Identity, with no reference to MYWASTE. Enabling the consumer to find a recycling location or collection service to take the recyclable packaging or product to, to be recycled. In this way MYWASTE will be assisting Corporates, Companies and Manufacturers with their EXTENDED PRODUCER RESPONSIBILITY requirements.

We have done so by developing a Widget which is a small part of the MYWASTE website that runs on the Corporate website. Widgets are updated in REAL TIME as recyclers Update, Add, Edit or Verify their locations every three months.

Creating shortcuts or linking to MYWASTE without permission is NOT PERMITTED and permission to do so can be obtained in writing from MYWASTE at mark@mywaste.co.za or on +27 (11) 902-1744.  All Terms and Conditions Apply.

Industry & Associations



MYWASTE has created a platform  for the Industry Associations to communicate and consolidate the information on the recycling industry in one place.


By doing so the Recycling Industry will have the functionality to communicate not just to the Public through our Community Page but also to the Collectors, Recyclers and Buy-Back Centers. The service is FREE OF CHARGE to you and will remain at no cost.

Any associations wanting to join the MYWASTE service can contact us direct at info@mywaste.co.za or on +27 (11) 902-1744

Recyclers, Collectors & Buy-Back Centers




MYWASTE, over the past 9 Years, have developed and discussed developments and solutions for the waste industry with  PACSA and RAG. The outcome was a FREE SERVICE that MYWASTE developed for the recycling industry. Yes that means YOU !!!  The Collector, Recycler or Buy-Back Center.


Free advertising. It does not matter if you are pulling a trolley or are running a fleet of trucks. As long as you are in the recycling industry you will have access to this FREE SERVICE.

You will have to create a profile with all of your Location Logo`s & Contact information on. Once you have done this, with a few easy steps you can add your locations and services. No matter if you have one or one thousand locations. Please keep in mind that MYWASTE DOES NOT purchase or sell materials. What we do is point you in the correct direction by you searching for Buy Back Centers in out database.

MY WASTE has also developed a "NEW LOCATE ME" function. With this function you will be able to "Geo Locate" your bins. In this way if you have one contractor or collector collecting your waste or one hundred, your contractors will be keeping your database up to date as they upload the locations with a push of a button. This can be done with a normal Smart Phone with internet access. On request MYWASTE can arrange for handsets for hire for this service should your contractors / collectors not have this infrastructure. The hire of handsets will not be a free service and will be charged for. All terms and conditions of MYWASTE will apply. 



 MY WASTE is in the planning stage of developing software that will be able to give you feedback with regards to the performance of your recycle bins that are collected. This will show you which bins are under utelised and need to be moved to a more visible location or removed OR where you should be placing additional bins. As a Recycling / Collection company you will have access to your own dashboard that will give you feedback via email or via a on screen display of materials collected by the contractor or collector and what amounts to expect as the contractor collects the materials.

Should this service be subscribed to, this service will  not be free of charge and will be chargeable.

Recycled Products Shopfront

woman computer

With consumers finding their closest recyclers or recycling centers, they are always thinking what are these products recycled into. 

Well, this is your chance to showcase your RECYCLED or GREEN PRODUCTS. With access to your own shopfront displaying your recycled or Green products you will be able to upload and add your own products in your own time.


Your product will be associated with a specific waste stream and will randomly be displayed on the home page along with other companies when a consumer searches for a location to recycle their recyclables.

With +/- 10 000 visitors a month this will be the ideal platform to showcase your products. There will be a minimal charge for this service and you can contact MYWASTE for more information on this service on info@mywaste.co.za