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With consumers finding their closest recyclers or recycling centers, they are always thinking what are these products recycled into.

 Well, this is your chance to showcase your RECYCLED or GREEN PRODUCTS. With access to your own shopfront displaying you recycled or Green products you will be able to upload, add your own products in your own time.


Your product will be associated with a specific waste stream and then randomly be displayed on the home page along with other companies when a consumer searches for a location to recycle their recyclables.

With +/- 10 000 visitors a month this will be the ideal platform to showcase your products. This service will be a free service fo a period of one year. You can contact MYWASTE for more information at to register please click here

Recycler registrationAll you have to do is create a profile with all of your information. It is very important that you complete all your information in full and keep this up to date as this information will be displayed on the World Wide Web for everyone to see. So, by completing this form you give MYWASTE PTY (Ltd) permission to display this information.